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Meet the "Crew"

The OTRR Family

Keep reading and learn all about our dedicated team. The radio team at On The Rail Radio works hard in order to provide you with  original and engaging content at all hours of the day. 


The Everything Guy

Hey everyone, I'm Don!   I actively look for music to add to the station from independent rock and metal bands, program the station, promote the station and always on the look out for shows to add for additional flavor.  I have an affinity for music and genuinely believe that it saves lives.  Please note - as awesome as this picture is, Steven Adler does NOT work for the station, though it would be pretty badass if he did!


Socials and Music Hunter

Hi, I’m Kent and I pretty much live for music and going to shows. As a lifelong resident of rural Wisconsin caught on the very edges of the Madison and LaCrosse mainstream radio markets, I have always looked for ways to find bands and artists who are not being exposed but deserved to be. When Don asked me to be part of his station it was not only a given that I said yes but also an honor to be part of something that gives artists an outlet to be heard. This is a photo of me with iconic Madison musician John Masino who is not associated with the station but who I am in awe of every time I get to witness perform.

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